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{Fabric Friday} I need some WaWa…

It’s so chilly & dark these days- there are rumblings of snow in the forecast. What I need today to give my sleepy self a jump start in the studio is some WaWa! I think if I had some cozy wool WaWa shoes on right now, I could seriously tackle any project with tons of enthusiasm. – No mountain would be too big, right? …Absolutely!  
My very second Fabric Friday post ever, was about my love of working with colorful wool & a woman who shares that love & executes it brilliantly. It was back on the 2nd of April – check out that post here.  As it’s time to get out the wool again, it’s also time to revisit the vibrant LaLa Shoes Shop.

I have to tell you, that post means a lot to me. It opened the door to a wonderful friendship that I hold really dear. Daria, the creator & maker of LaLa Shoes is a daily inspiration & tremendous support to me…. my ideal studio mate & top notch pal. She makes all of her shoes with such care and her attention to detail is impeccable. She makes wool shoes for babies & toddlers, & lovely, linen home shoes for women as well.  There  is no telling what she will create next, so keep an eye on her shop, you will be glad you did. Hope the little WaWa helped take the chill out of the air for you- it helped me. Happy Fabric Friday!
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