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Being a mom to a toddler, who works from home, is a nutty adventure. Some days make more sense than others. I seriously think that there is more creativity that is exhibited from me in a day from my “mommy” duties than for klt:works lately. Nap time is golden in this venture. It’s when I get things done (or sometimes I just drool -staring blankly at the computer screen). Regardless, it’s needed by both of us in this house. Sayer is going through this little stage these days- he knows he has the power to get out of bed & he is abusing this power greatly! Today was seriously silly. In attempt to stall, he told me he wanted to take pictures with mommy. Well, I bit- his plan worked. I’ve found that sometimes all it takes is a mini photo shoot for him to settle down and sleep. Besides, I didn’t think it wouldn’t hurt to get something accomplished for the biz too. So, I gathered up some props, tees, & the camera and we headed off….

I never have to worry – Sayer lets me know when he is done (wink). While that isn’t a yawn you see,  he did take a nap right after this photo shoot. It lasted long enough for me to edit some photos and write this. So, all is not lost in the world of klt:works production. I did get something done this afternoon. I now have some new photos of the owl tee that I didn’t have before & my little model is honing his skills. If I am lucky, I will be able to upload some photos later today. Until then, it is time to go to the park….. 

*Also, if anyone that is reading this has some suggestions as to how to keep an adventurous toddler in bed at night, I am open (& grateful)  for suggestions. Thanks!

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