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{Good Read} Uppercase Love #7….

Oh UPPERCASE, how I love thee! I know, I know, this is the third post about my affection for this gorgeous publication. But seriously, I don’t know if I can describe effectively, how much I look forward to getting it’s splendor in the mail. Each time I open every issue, I ooooh & ahhh, with creative anticipation. This magazine is so timely in my interests, beautifully photographed, and thoughtfully written. I find that I am nodding and saying yes a lot when I read it. So far it’s the only magazine that actually gets me thinking about how I am going to adoringly photograph it (which I do believe is now a tradition). For me, reading this magazine is a perfect little getaway that always recharges my battery.

Issue #7 is so full of things that I love- it was hard to pick my favorite articles to show a snippet of. So, I am showing you what I {thoroughly} read first. There is something that was written in each of these features that I either completely identified with, wrote down, have said myself, or just plain agreed with.

1. Stanley & Sons (pg 52 &53) There were so many things I nodded to in this article. First, we both attended School of Visual Arts in Manhattan (got my MFA in ’96). “Our products have always been made-to-order. I think the quality that comes with this is unbeatable.” & in response to what the future holds – “We hope that we will be allowed to just keep on making our products for as long as possible.”
2. Christopher Scott (pg 32-35) “Remember to turn off your computer, put your head down and hone your craft!”
3. Greg Morgan (pg.38 & 39)“He is an avid collector of design & art books….. His artistic heroes include Duchamp, Schwitters, Hoch, and anything Dada: influences obvious in his love of collage.”  
4. Factory 20 (76-79) “Inspiration is found by accident.”
5. good things come in pairs (pg 81-83) “It’s a bit cheesy, but we really believe we’re a part of something special with yet unrealized potential.”
6. Bookbinding and bookmaking terms (pg 30 &31) “Mind your P’s & Q’s”

Thanks UPPERCASE, for giving me a mini, creative vacation & for putting me in dream mode for a little while.