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{Music Monday} Music & Fashion…

Since posting the musical tribute to John Lennon on Saturday (for his 70th birthday), I have been watching snippets of the Yellow Submarine movie throughout the weekend. I just love the illustrations, colors, shapes – all of it. It’s really cool to see how the Yellow Submarine influenced not only the music world, but book illustrations, art, and fashion as well. When I saw the photos that my friend Catherine just added to her FB page of her son Adrien,  I knew that I needed to visit her shop, Monsieur Minouchet. Sure enough, Adrien was modeling the new Sgt. Pepper Shampoodle jacket! How cute is that?

So, if you find that you have some time and would like to watch the whole movie you can view it here. However if you find that you are so taken by the imagery & music that you are oozing with Beatle nostalgia, you might just need to pop on over to Monsieur Minouchet and get your kiddo one of these very cool Sgt Pepper outfits! Happy Music Monday!  

{images via Monsieur Minouchet website}
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