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Corn mazes, tractors, & apples… oh my!

Today Sayer and I celebrated a local event, Festival of Family Farms, by visiting Gordon’s Skagit Farms– one of my favorite places in the valley. I picked out my pumpkins in Gordon’s pumpkin patch every year growing up. I even found a double pumpkin when I was in 5th grade if that gives you any idea of how magical a place it is. I took the first college painting class that I taught, on a field trip there to paint on location. So, I really enjoy taking Sayer to Gordon’s when I have the opportunity.

I learned that Sayer is really good at finding his way through a corn maze. He is like a little GPS. It was awesome to watch him cruise through the mazes. There were also lots of carts to fill with either apples or pumpkins. We just used it to ride around in & push- we’re going to get our pumpkins a little later…

But really what we spent most of our time doing, was going from one tractor to another. Sayer can’t get enough of sitting and pretending to drive so he was in heaven. There were 4 different tractors scattered about – every vintage. 

Every now and then, we needed to let someone else get on the tractors. Which gave us a perfect opportunity to go visit the chickens.

After the last tractor ride, Sayer picked out some apples & some cider before we headed home. It was a nice way to say hello to October! What did you do this weekend?
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