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{Nice Day} for a bike ride…

While it was questionable when we looked out the window this morning, it turned out being a perfect day for a bike ride! I just got a new bike- a nice yellow one. The first thing Sayer said when he saw it was, “let George ride it”. Yes, it does look a lot like the bike that the man with the yellow hat  has. I have to say, I did think about Curious George when I picked it out… but it wasn’t the main reason for my color choice. I had a really strong reaction to the yellow.

One of the main reasons for getting this new bike was so that we could enjoy bike rides with Sayer. Chris & I sold our retro Schwinn cruisers that we got each other when we bought our house (10 yrs ago) and put the money towards something that had gears and would hold a bike seat well. Chris was generous and adopted my old mountain bike that acted as my car in college- it was always a bit too big for me (because I was stubborn & wouldn’t get a woman’s bike) and it fits him better.  Sayer loves riding on the back of the bike. My dad has a seat on his bike that he & Sayer use often. I guess I wanted in on the action too.

So, Sayer and I took off on a ride today. It wasn’t our first ride- we went out with Chris earlier in the week. But this was our first ride, just the two of us, and we had a blast. I actually grew up in the town that I now live in – so today we rode around the same streets that I used to ride on as a kid. We went to my old elementary school and played on the playground. Funny how the streets seemed longer and steeper when I was a smaller. 

I am struggling a bit with the balance between klt:works & life these days so this is just the thing I need. I know it is Fall now but  a little rain never stopped me before. So, my hope is that this is just the beginning of many good bike riding days…. 

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