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{studio visit} a whirlwind of giggles..

Yesterday morning, the klt:studio was bursting at the seams with energy! Melinda, a friend of mine, teaches  a sewing class to a small group of girls and brought them over for a studio visit. I have to say, it was so much fun and I loved their enthusiasm! Much to Melinda’s credit, they were well versed in all of the klt:works products. I was pretty impressed when they pointed to various plush and called them by name or recognized the “nest pillow” among the many in the living room. They spotted Sayer’s Crawling Critters mobile in his room and went in for a better look. Once they were in his room they all plopped down on the rug and showed me their sewing projects that they had brought with them, beaming with pride. When we were in the studio, they all seemed to be interested in my thread drawing images and were curious to know how I drew them. So, I thought I would set up the sewing machine to let them free-motion sew a little bit. It was really interesting to watch how each little girl approached their drawing.

Anna jumped in first and just went for it! She didn’t hesitate at all and the other two girls watched her every move. 

Sydney was a little more cautious and wanted more specific instructions. Meanwhile, Maggie was still watching very intently at the mechanics of the process. 

Once it was Maggie’s turn, she picked up one of my kitty images and told me that she wanted to draw that one. I explained that sometimes it is more fun to start drawing on the machine without an idea of what the finished drawing would be and to let it be a surprise. She sat there at the machine with so much confidence and created a nice little sketch. When I showed Chris this picture he told me that Maggie looked like a mini Kristin without glasses. Maybe that’s  why she looked so at home sitting there sewing.

I am not around little girls very often and these three just cracked me up! I loved how comfortable they were in the studio. I turned around at one point, and they were lounged in the book nook, giggling and admiring their matching toe nail polish. The comment that sticks in my mind is Maggie’s statement assuring us not to worry that she wasn’t sitting up straight because she was wearing a skort (shorts/skirt combo for those that don’t know that term). Soon these girls were off like a flash and on to their next stop… the Calico Cupboard Bakery for a cookie. That little whirlwind of excitement left me with a really big smile and a tall mocha. Thanks for stopping by girls- let me know when you are looking for jobs!
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