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I have been working on a new klt:collection of mobiles for a little while now and I am excited to share the results. Back in May, I wrote a blog post that chronicled the process of making  the first mobile from the new collection. You can view the process here.  Since then I have added two more mobiles to the mix. But, the fun part about this collection is that there is a menu of options – from palette to characters. I have created a “cast of characters” to choose from that are all similar in size and can be combined differently- to tell a unique story. The fabrics used for these mobiles are extra special too. They are all hand printed by Helen Rawlinson and Ink & Spindle

This is the first mobile of the bunch, The Woodland Creatures :: Ink & Spindle fabrics are used, lime wood base, & a nest, squirrel, sandpiper, & owl.

The, All About Birds Mobile, uses Helen Rawlinson fabrics, yellow wood base, & a nest, owl, sandpiper, & raven. 

This last mobile, Chasing Tails, was a collaborative process between me and the people that “like” klt:works on FB (only they didn’t know it yet). We have a cat, and I am not really knowledgeable on different breeds of dogs. So, I threw out the question on FB, “What are your favorite breeds of dogs?”. Wow, did I get a lot of feedback! I then researched and came up with some dog drawings which were later thrown out to the group for more feedback. This mobile uses Helen Rawlinson fabric as well, a turquoise wood base, & a french bulldog, beagle, german pointer, & a dog named Macy (a customer’s dog). 

What I personally like about these mobiles, is the simplicity of the designs. They are colorful on one side, but offer high contrast B&W on the other side for newborns. These mobiles are also sophisticated enough to be used by people of any age. Because, I really don’t think mobiles are just for babies. Do you have favorite character combination?  

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