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{Fabric Friday} Fresh & Modern textiles…

I first became enamored with tikoli ‘s fresh and modern textiles when I saw them at Fawn & Forest awhile back. I have been continuously drawn to them over time but could never make a decision about which tea towels that I liked the best. I think there is a design for my every mood. However, I could never go wrong with any of them when it comes to fitting into the palette of our home- they all work beautifully. 

{images via here & here}
But for me,  when I have a face and name to the textile, it makes it more fun purchase. Which leads me again to a wonderful twitter connection. I have been enjoying Maja Brugos (ie tikoli designer)  via her tweets for a little while now and it makes me happy to think of her when I see her lovely designs. I recently discovered that these towels are carried in a local store in Bellingham,  called  Digs and snatched up all that I could find.

While I do have one towel in the kitchen, I couldn’t let the other two end up crumpled on the counter. I wanted to see these towels in a different way. So I played with them, stared at them, and let them hang out in my studio for a bit. 

From tea towel to klt:plush… it seemed like a perfect combination to me. Happy Fabric Friday!
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