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{Store Feature} Babybot

My path seems to continuously cross great visionaries who open wonderfully inspired stores. I am excited to tell you about a store that a few of those visionaries created called Babybot. Michael & Renee are the brains behind the Canadian (out of Calgary) store but there seem to be a lot of extremely talented people working to make it a real stand out. Michael contacted me in February 2009 about carrying my products in their store. Babybot was just in the planning stages, but I could tell that there was so much love and thought being put into every little detail. So of course I was overjoyed to have my work be included in their vision. Once they had opened, I was immediately taken with their website and the lovely klt:works designer page. I have to say, that when you  talk with Michael and Renee about Babybot (for me it was via email) you can almost see them beaming with pride. But most importantly, they are extremely respectful, knowledgeable, and appreciative- which only adds to their stellar design aesthetic.

When a store supports me, it is really important to me to support them right back (which is why I wanted to do these reviews). I would love to buy things from all of my favorite people that I work with. However, interests and taste always exceed my wallet so I have to be patient, creative, and pick my items carefully- so that I can spread the love. The minute Babybot opened, I knew what I wanted to buy there. Now I really didn’t know it was going to work out like this, but Babybot does these great facebook discounts (if you aren’t a fan, I highly recommend it). As luck would have it, these discounts allowed me to splurge a bit and order the Eames Elephant that I have been drooling over every time I scan through their shop. I could tell you why that elephant is so special to me, but that is a whole different post. But as I have mentioned before, Ray & Charles Eames are my art/design idols. Ok, so I said it was for Sayer and don’t get me wrong, it is, and he really loves it. But it isn’t going to stay in his room, it’s going to be hanging out in the living room. After all, who am I kidding? I think the elephant is secretly mine. Renee is the woman that made it all happen and for that I am really grateful! After all, I believe she said it best when she mentioned that, “every designer needed an Eames Elephant”. Oh, she is good, isn’t she?

Now I can officially endorse Babybot as a truly special store. Not only is it great to work with Renee & Michael from a designer standpoint, but it is great to be a customer too. So pop by and give Babybot a visit- I guarantee you will have a really positive experience (not to mention, want to hum the little babybot tune). Thanks for the elephant Renee- don’t worry, it will be loved!
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