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{Fabric Friday} Holley & Gill…

I used to read art books about the New York School of artists back in the day and wished that I were one of them. The idea of sitting at coffee shops with fellow artists and sharing thoughts about art, books, movies, music and other inspirations is something I think I will always find appealing. But I have to say… Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, & blogs are my virtual coffee shops where I feel like I am a part of a bunch of creative groups. I look forward to my virtual cups of coffee with my artistic and visionary pals. One designer pal from my virtual coffee shop is Michelle, from Holley & Gill. When I first learned about the work she creates, I knew I wanted to write about it someday. So this Fabric Friday post is one I dreamed up before I even had a blog and my thoughts were just jotted down in a moleskine notebook.   

Michelle and her husband Conrad are the Montreal based design duo that creates handmade, screen printed textiles that are later constructed into unique, design savvy headboards. Holley & Gill designs are elegant, beautiful and add a nice feel to a room. They are made lovingly, with attention to detail and process. I am a huge fan of hand screenprinted fabrics and love to see the work that they do, reflected in the world of interior design. 

If you love interior design as I do, you will most likely enjoy visiting the Holley & Gill blog as well. There are always heartfelt words & lovely interiors to looks at. It is the kind of blog that makes you think about the posts for many days after the first read. 

So that  wraps up a week of reflective black and white… Happy Fabric Friday! 

All images: Holley & Gill via here.
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