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{Good Read} Uppercase Love

Having a holiday weekend allowed me the opportunity to finally flip through my new UPPERCASE Magazine at a nice, leisurely pace. It came last week and I have been itching to really dive in and get lost in the “creative & curious” world that I adore so much. I know I have said this every time I get one of these gems in the mail, but this one is even better! –Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous…. You can actually flip through the magazine here if you would like to take a gander. 

As I was enjoying my magazine, I found my mind drifting to friends that I have met via this crazy world wide web (mostly through blogs, twitter, & children’s stores). I was noting what articles reminded me of certain people that I communicate with regularly. While these are standout write ups to me as well, I dogeared them with the thought of passing them on. Then I realized it would be nice to just post it for others to enjoy as well. 

Debbie Powell -an illustrator on the move – The illustrations reminded me of something that Chantal would like and might end up inspiring some bento lunches in the future.

Table for Two: Molly Wizenberg & Brandon Pettit – My friend Catherine told me about Molly’s blog, Orangette over a year ago so she was the first person I thought of. I actually think of Catherine every time I get my UPPERCASE in the mail. I also thought of Robin, who is another foodie blogger who lives in Seattle & can visit this restaurant easier than I can. 

The Darlingtonia Moccasin Company – All I had to do is look at the pictures to immediately think of Daria and the beautifully crafted shoes that she makes. 

Shoegazing – This article got me thinking about the always stylish and creative Alix. She takes vibrant pictures of herself, documenting her fun fashions & I often admire her “shoegazing” photos in particular. 

So here are some highlights of an inspiring magazine & some interesting ladies to boot. 

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