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{Music Monday} Unique harmonies & song writing…

{photo via the Weepies website}

The iTunes or “genius” feature with the, “if you like this, then you might like this”, concept is made for someone like me. I believe that is how I found the Weepies a few years ago. It was one of my major iTunes research & purchasing extravaganzas,  inspired by an iTunes gift card, that led me to the sweet duo. I have been listening to Pandora Radio a lot lately and the Weepies have been popping up frequently. I find that it is nice studio music. I read a little about them and discovered that they had a son about the same time we had Sayer. Because of their new addition to their family, they didn’t tour after their last release. Instead they stayed home and wrote lots and lots of songs. But that didn’t mean they fell off people’s radar though- you may remember hearing their music for a Barack Obama ad campaign, along with various tv shows & films. I look forward to hearing their newest recording that is due out  August 31st. I have a feeling that I may identify with some of their lyrics. The new collection, BE MY THRILL is said to showcase their unique songwriting abilities and harmonies. Any collection where, “Cole-Porter-Esque” & “Dusty Springfield” are used to describe songs, has me curious. 

I was delighted when I saw the Weepies videos on their website. I think I actually giggled a little. I love the creativity and approach shown in each one. I felt like I hit the jackpot.  Hope you enjoy them too. The Weepies just sort of fits my mood these days. Happy Music Monday! 

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