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{Fabric Friday} Sweet Snippets…

Ah, my pile of lovely fabric snippets from Umbrella Prints caught my attention for this short and sweet {Fabric Friday}. My official introduction to this wonderful fabric house, was during the Earth Day Organic Fabric Giveaway blog hop. Each participating blog had their own rules and when I cruised through the Umbrella Fabric blog , I decided to participate. My description of their fabric won me a little packet of whimsical and “lush” fabric samples. I was tickled to receive this thoughtful parcel -particularly when they made the extra effort of sending it to the US (they are based in Australia). I was so smitten by these fabrics that I bought some more to add to my snippet collection.

Now that we have established that their fabrics are gorgeous, I want to tell you what struck me just as equally. Gratitude, something that you don’t find everyday, but when you do, it is extra special. One of the things that I love about buying handmade, is that little touch of human kindness. I can say the same thing about selling things that are handmade too. I adore the words and pictures that I receive from people that own something that I made. 

Umbrella fabrics are stunning enough to make you want a bunch of each design made. But, it is the kindness and handwritten note snuck in the package of fabric that makes opening it all that much sweeter. So, thanks for the beautiful fabric Amy & Carly! Your extra effort and kindness didn’t go unnoticed. I will definitely be back for more. Happy Fabric Friday!
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