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{Fabric Friday} Rainy with Sun breaks…

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I am going to report on the weather again. Do I even need to? Most likely not. However, it does have a little to do with my Fabric Friday selection. Did you guess yet? Ah yes, it is raining with a chance of sun breaks throughout the day. 

My peeps and I are stuck inside today- all three of us. So this post was a group effort. A “rainy day activity” is what I called it, to muster some interest …. but I knew that it was just truly multitasking.  I have to say, they rose to the occasion. Sayer wanted to wear his gray shirt, and helped me pick out the fabrics. He was particularly fond of the yellow on the top of the stack. And Kiki, well she just always inspires me to use this palette (as she was my original muse). I love to play with gray, black and yellow fabrics. I also just finished a new mobile last night that has glimmers of this palette so it was on my mind. In this stack you will find some: vintage barkcloth, Marimekko, Ink & Spindle, Helen Rawlinson, Moda Fabrics, polartec fleece, and some Alexander Henry.

So there you have it, the official fabric selection committee. It was a fun project that tuckered us all out. -Getting ready for nap time. Hopefully when it is time to wake up, it will be yellow fabric time…. 
Happy Fabric Friday!
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