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{Spontaneous Photoshoot} Part II

A little over a month ago, I wrote about our spontaneous photoshoots with Sayer and how they tend to be a family affair that offer up many challenges. Well, it is crazy to me how much things can change in small period of time for a toddler (& parents)- the growth is amazing. This month, I have been holding mini photoshoot sessions with Sayer myself- more as just a fun activity that Sayer and I can do together. I was pleasantly surprised how much he wanted to get his photo taken. He actually asks to do it now. We had a marathon session yesterday that resumed after his nap and included 3 shirt changes! 

I think he understands the process and that the photos are for mommy’s work. He really enjoys going through the photos with me on the computer after they are taken and he usually offers up his input. The hardest part for me is to wade through the 400+ photos and choose which ones to use . I have to take my mommy hat off and put on my klt:works hat- which is tough to do. So, here are my favorite 3 from each shoot – wow, what a task that was! 

We had quite an awesome adventure yesterday. I love how our worlds collide. I really do think that Sayer will be my art director soon (he actually chose his tees). He seems to have quite an eye. Not only did we end up with some fun photos yesterday, but Sayer really started rockin’ the harmonica! It was the first time that he made sounds by blowing out rather than sucking in. It was a milestone day all around. Can’t wait for the next photoshoot. Until then, I think our next adventure will be a haircut for the little dude. 
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