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{Happy Mother’s Day} A special gift for the ladies…

I am extremely proud of my little family of three. The idea of all of the adventures that we are going to have together makes me smile. Being a mom completes me in a way that I would have never anticipated. It enhances all of my senses and feeds my creativity. There seems to be a bond that I feel with other mothers now (including my own mom)  that is comforting and sweet. 

Thanks to my mom for giving me the foundation to become the mom that I am today. I appreciate your advice, your support, and most of all, the wonderful grandma that you are to Sayer (& the fact that you read every post on this blog). I truly enjoy seeing you through his eyes.

I would like to celebrate the friendships that I have made through my journey as a mom and a small business owner. I have met some pretty amazing women that are mothers & designers of wonderful things for children. Cheers to all of you! What do creative women & moms need more of (other than time)? Eco-friendly totes, that’s what!  In honor of just getting a new batch of owl totes printed, I am giving away 5 of them to the first 5 people to comment on this post (make sure I have an email – so I can reach you). Oh, & don’t worry if you don’t see your post show up right away, it is emailed to me before it posts. 🙂  Happy Mother’s Day! 
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