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{Fabric Friday} A little Japanese fabric inspiration…

I’m currently working on a cool collaboration that requires me to pick out some new Japanese textiles to use for some plush characters and I’m thoroughly enjoy the research. I always welcome an excuse to by some more Japanese fabrics- as I tend to gravitate towards many  already. During my search last night, I stumbled on a few beautiful collections from Lecien that I thought I would share with you {via Trueup}. The first one is called Spicy Scrap and I was drawn to the blue plaid earlier this year when I made my Nighttime Dewey plush.

The next collection from Lecien is called, “Grandmother’s Flower Garden” by Rosalie Quinlan. I love the nod to history that these collections embody. This next one appeals to my softer, more feminine side, while the first one is much bolder and a smidge more modern. 

I am still in searching mode and haven’t made up my mind yet. But aren’t these colors and textures great? The fabric designs & colors definitely trigger little the nostalgia part of my brain. I am drawn to them because of they remind me of colors and pattern of my past. Do you have a favorite Japanese fabric collection that would like to share? Do any of these fabrics remind you of something from your childhood? Happy Fabric Friday everyone!
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