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{Music Monday} Finding music visually…

I bought my first Neko Case cd, because I was drawn to it visually. I really didn’t know much about her then, but the illustrations on Fox Confessor Brings The Flood (2006), drew me in. I buy books this way too. Every now and then, it is the cd & book designs that are the most interesting part, but not with Fox Confessor. I instantly became a fan of Neko’s voice, interesting lyrics, and music. I find that I naturally gravitate towards musicians that have a honed visual sensibility. {image via artist’s website}

I love the animated illustration for, Maybe Sparrow (Fox Confessor). This video is beautiful on so many levels. You will probably see why I like it – I use owl and bird imagery a lot in the klt:studio. 

I recently bought the book, When You Were Small, for Sayer. I had the same immediate response to it visually as I had to the Neko Case cd & video. It wasn’t until buying the book, that I made the connection that it was the same illustrator, Julie Morstad. It is apparent that Neko & Julie share the same sensibility. Combining the talents of these two women is pure genius!

I stumbled upon this next video of Neko talking about her creative process for her album, Middle Cyclone. When I listened to her talk, as if I wasn’t already hooked, I became immediately aware of why her music has become a studio favorite of mine. The statement that resonates with me the most is when she talks about “happy accidents”. This is a phrase that I use often when I teach painting but it is also one that I truly live by. Her philosophy, and the way that she goes about her creative process is something that I really understand and appreciate. I suppose that is why I respond to her work so strongly. This little snippet inspires me with music, words, and a visual language that appeals to me aesthetically. Hope you enjoy it too.

So, thank you Julie Morstad, for introducing me to such an amazing musician through your illustrations! Happy Music Monday!  So, what musician inspires you?
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