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Spontaneous Photoshoot

Spontaneous photo shoots happen all of the time around here. Being that klt:works is a small business, everything is pretty much done in house. We have a great little photo booth area that Chris created and it is utilized for all sorts of projects. As no surprise, Sayer is my star model for klt:works. He is has been extremely well documented in his 2+ years. The days of propping him up and making goofy faces at him in order to get a good picture, are gone (although that doesn’t mean I don’t still try). Getting a picture of an adventurous toddler is a whole different game. It becomes a family activity- a fly by the seat of our pants adventure. Forget about having any preconceived ideas about what the photos will look like, or what story they will tell. The trick is being able to capture the magic, let go a little, and remember to have fun.

Last night I needed a few photos taken of some new klt:tees and Sayer was eager to “help”. He was giddy with excitement, not because he likes to get his picture taken, but because he loves to explore a room that he doesn’t get to play in very often.  He is a definite goofball who enjoys being the center of attention (the jury is still out as to where he gets that characteristic). After about 200 photos, we decided to end all of the fun, even though Sayer wanted more. I thought I would share a little glimpse into the process of getting just a couple pictures. 

We were all smiles and giggles at the beginning of the shoot. It looked like it was going to be a piece of cake. Yes, there were a few breaks to play with cars, but changing tees multiple times can be exhausting. Oh, and the discovery of a jar with a red lid did hold us up just a bit. But, as you can imagine, it was really exciting. The best part of the whole process, for me, is sitting at the computer with Sayer on my lap, and browsing through all of the photos. I really do think he has a sense of pride knowing that he is so much a part of klt:works. Or, maybe that is just the mom in me talking. 
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