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Fabric Friday

It is a blustery and chilly day, so all fingers pointed to brightly colored wools and wool felts for Fabric Friday. I use various combinations of wool felts for my plush & mobiles at klt:works. The clean lines, rich colors and wonderful textures are what call to me, plus it is tremendously easy to work with. Because of this love of wools and wool felts, I am keenly aware of designers that are working with this fabric in stunning ways. 

Oh, La La shoes is just that… stunning! Daria is the designer/owner/maker of La La shoes. She has a varied background that keeps her creations really interesting, including: industrial designer, art director, set designer, children’s art educator.. and the list just keeps on going. You can see the influence of all of these skills in her work. It is flawless, ergonomic, fun, and the design is clean and modern. 

Daria has chosen to work with fabrics that are natural and tactile, she puts a great deal of thought and attention to detail in each pair of shoes that she makes. Just looking at these shoes, makes me smile. The colors are vibrant and she does the wool proud! Unfortunately, I found her too late to get a pair of her wool baby shoes for Sayer (as he has outgrown the sizing because he is a full on little boy now). But she does have some pretty darn cute mini shoe keychains that are calling my name. Yep, La La Shoes is yet another one of my great Twitter / Facebook/ Flickr finds.
Well, I am feeling cheerful, warm, and inspired now, are you? Happy Fabric Friday!

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