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{Inspiring Prints} What makes me smile…

Someone once asked me in an interview, if I ever bought other artist’s work. I thought it was an odd question. But I suppose that in context, the interviewer was responding to photos of my son’s nursery and so it seemed like a fair question. I created a line of prints to use in Sayer’s  nursery, not because I didn’t like other people’s art, but as a project and something special for him.  As I have mentioned, both my husband and I are artists. We literally have crates of our own art along with friends work.  We also live on a tight budget so using our own art in our house seemed like a no brainer- and an opportunity to have a rotating gallery. However, with places like Etsy and many cool online stores. Buying art (at a reasonable price) is so accessible, it is hard to come up with an excuse not to. I thought I would share just a few of my favorite purchases. 

Studio Violet has become a favorite of mine. I purchased my first print after learning about Camilla Engman via Uppercase Magazine and after reading her book. Studio Violet is the great collaboration between Camilla and Elisabeth Dunker. I am hooked now and am continuously inspired by these ladies. (Mr. Mustache is soon to make his way into our mailbox.)

My introduction to Blanca Gomez was when her illustration graced the first cover of Uppercase Magazine. Do you see a trend? (I guess my next purchase will be Matte Stephens– if I can ever decide which one). I received my first print as a gift along with a calendar from Monsieur Minouchet. The Jazzman print just arrived in our mailbox today. Sayer helped me pick it out. We seem to be drawn to the same imagery lately. Can’t wait see the two prints side by side on our wall.

Having other artist’s work around makes me happy. I buy things that I have a strong reaction to, not things that I think will match anything. Sometimes I don’t even know where I am going to put it and it hangs out unframed- where I can see it everyday until I figure out the perfect spot. I have the Cosas Minimas (Blanca Gomez) calendar hanging in my studio. I love the clean colors and design. The Studio Violet print is on my dresser, still unframed so my stack of books keeps it in place. 

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