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Fabric Friday

I absolutely love textiles…. everything about them. I buy little stashes of special fabrics that I immediately respond to visually, then save them for the perfect project. I buy almost all of my fabric that way. My fabric collection serves as my painter’s palette. 

Recently, I have been really taken with buying handmade fabrics. I love that they were made by hand, but I also like the idea that I am sort of collaborating with these artists. I think because I generally work by myself, I am constantly trying to find ways to entertain my love of artistic collaboration. I have never met these artists that create my lovely fabric treasures, but I do have it in my mind that I want to do their fabrics proud with whatever I create. Twitter and Facebook have been amazing resources for both finding these great designers, but also connecting and sharing finished products with them. Helen Rawlinson is one of my favorite textile designers and it has been so much fun making critters with her fabrics. Some other recent discoveries have been Lucie Summers of Summersville & Lara Cameron and Tegan Rose of Ink and Spindle . So ladies, thanks for providing me with inspiration, I very much appreciate your work. 

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