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Another inspiring couple…

This movie has been on my must see list ever since it hit the theaters. Finally, it arrived in our mailbox yesterday and Chris and I hunkered down and watched it last night. It definitely lived up to my expectations. From the years of teaching art at the local community college, we have watched our share of documentaries. This one falls into the list of stand outs (in the company of Hans Hoffman, Robert Rauschenberg, and Alexander Calder). Movies have always had the ability to generate lots of creative inspiration for me, but documentaries about unique, artistic, and gracious people give me goosebumps. As a complete sidenote :: I get particularly tickled when I am watching an art documentary and any of my art professors from grad school are interviewed or mentioned. In this case, Lucio Pozzi was interviewed for this documentary and he was one of my favorites. 

So what could I possibly say about the Vogels that hasn’t been said? They are a one in a million couple that live with tremendous heart, by their own rules. You know the kind of people that I am talking about, right? The sort of characters that you could spend hours   chatting with only to leave the conversation with enough energy to give yourself the confidence to reach for the stars. This couple loves, lives, and breathes art authentically and in the process, has given the gift of a documented part of art history for everyone to enjoy at the National Gallery of Art.  All I can say is if you are an art lover, a hard worker, and someone that appreciates rewriting the rules, check out this movie. I think it will leave you feeling like you don’t need a lot of money to make a difference, just a lot of heart. 
A big thumbs up!

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