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Celebrating “scherenschnitte” at hutch studio

Inspiration is something that comes in all forms. I am really lucky that Chris and I are both artists.  We both like to push ourselves creatively and I find that quite inspiring. There are always evening conversations about new ideas, inspirations, and techniques. Our house seems to continuously buzz with the sounds of many hands making and music for dancing. Through hutch studio, Chris is able to explore avenues that he may not normally explore through his “fine art” however, there is a definite common thread. I truly enjoy seeing what he comes up with on a daily basis and thought that you may enjoy a peek. 

Scherenschnitte is the german art of scissor snipping and a favorite technique at hutch studio right now. From window cut outs that play with light and shadow, to birdhouse light boxes depicting nature scenes, Chris has created some beautiful things to look at while showcasing the scherenschnitte technique. To truly appreciate the scherenschnitte technique at it’s most unique form, you should drive down Morris Street in La Conner, WA when it is dark out. The windows of hutch studio are all backlit and the window coverings are stunning! 

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