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{Fabric Friday} back to school….

When the yellow buses start cruisin’ the streets again, and there is a crispness is in the air, it could only mean one thing… back to school. I get fairly nostalgic around this time of year and gravitate towards certain colors and patterns. I have literally gone back to school more years than not really. After college I went on to graduate school, and after that, I taught at the local community college part time (for about 12 yrs) but seemed to most consistently teach in the Fall along with my husband. The last Fall that I taught painting, was when I was pregnant which was very interesting and there is a whole different list of textures & palettes associated with that. But generally, Fall reminds me of earthy rich tones, argyle, plaid, cozy textures, apple & flower imagery, and the feeling that anything can happen.

The influence of the ’70’s and the ’80’s is so apparent when you browse in any store these days. So, it isn’t just me getting caught in my own memories… it really is all around. However, have said that, I do tend to pick up fabrics that remind me of a dress I had,  a palette I liked growing up, or any other strong childhood association. The argyle fabric reminds me of the ’80’s and my love for United Colors of Benetton clothing. I had a sweaters, scarves & socks to match that argyle fabric and to this day, am kicking myself for not keeping all of it. The fabrics pictured trigger some little sweet memory along with reminding me of back to school.  The plaid on the top is actually part of a series of Michael Miller fabrics called, “Brady Bunch”.  
In this back to school, klt:fabric stash you will find: A little Michael Miller, Lecien, Robert Kaufman, Alexander Henry, & Amy Butler. I hope you enjoy this season whether you or someone you know is going back to school. Each day seems exciting, awkward, and full of endless possibilities- and really that’s when cool stuff happens. Happy Fabric Friday! Enjoy your long weekend…
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