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{Music Monday} Black & White

{image via here}

Although this may not need to be said, I have been particularly interested in playing around with black & white photography lately. This is not a new interest for me – I have always loved the quality of a black & white photo. But it is fairly new that I am taking the photos & at this pace. I am seeing everything as a potential photograph these days and am particularly aware of what I am after aesthetically. When I saw the new video release from She & Him, I was interested on a level that goes beyond music. 

The soft, grainy, vintage feeling of the video really speaks to me artistically- as does the music. It inspires me in so many ways. Happy Music Monday!

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  1. Chantale
    19 July 2010

    Ah.. I am so in the mood for She & Him today! Or Elle et lui aujourd'hui! lol. It's rainy and grey today.. I might just keep youtubing them all day.. Great choice K! Yeah, I've noticed you've been getting into the black and white photography lately. What camera do you use? Your photos are so crisp, loving them. Who knows? Maybe you can even do product shots merging black and white with colour… Send me some med/high res shots and I can do something with them for you. : )

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