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{Music Monday} Dad’s choice…

Hope everyone had a nice Father’s Day! We are actually celebrating today by having my parents over for a BBQ (Monday & Tuesday is the new weekend at our house). So, it seemed fitting to dedicate this Music Monday to my dad (last weeks selection was for Chris). I think my brother and I knew the lyrics to many Willie Nelson songs at a very early age. We may not have understood them, but we strummed our tennis rackets and sang them at the top of our lungs. Certain songs still conjure up memories of being on the boat with my family, listening to the same tapes over and over again, while playing cribbage. The photo below is a picture of my dad on the 4th of July, wearing his Willie braids that we gave him that previous Father’s Day (yes, they really do sell them and we couldn’t resist). He was in a little neighborhood bike (bicycle-not motorcycle) parade – it was even funnier seeing him wear them under his bike helmet.  {top photo via here}  

As an adult, I rediscovered Willie Nelson’s music and now appreciate him  as  the extremely talented guitar player & lyricist that he is. It was when I learned that one of Willie’s musical influences was one of my favs, Django Reinhardt, that I gave his music another listen.  My all time favorite Willie recording is the Red Headed Stranger and I just learned that the United States Library of Congress has added it to the National Recording Registry! Willie is so darn prolific too- I love how he collaborates with so many musicians and keeps his music fresh and current. Narrowing down the videos was tricky for me. But here we go…. there’s a little something for everyone.

For me, these three videos show very different sides of Willie. The first one made me laugh really hard. If you lasted through the end credits, you saw that Willie made the video all on his own (and his Mac). The video with Norah is a song that I know the words to from back in the day. Norah Jones cds can be found in my mom and dad’s cd players at all times (right after Willie) + Chris thinks she is pretty easy on the eyes – so I had to add it. The last video is just sweet. I love the Rainbow Connection and I think Willie gives Kermit a run for his money. Well that about wraps up my dad’s choice music post. Oh, and don’t forget to enter the Father’s Day Owl tee giveaway. Happy Music Monday!