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{Music Monday} Rufus & his mom….

Rufus Wainwright has been a favorite musician in our house since 1999. Chris was the one who introduced me to his music. And funny enough, Chris found out about Rufus due to their physical similarities – which are sometimes quite uncanny. Rufus came from an extremely musical family- he is the son of folk singers Loudon Wainwright III & Kate McGarrigle, and brother of Martha Wainwright. His talents range from opera, theater, dance, and film along with rock. Needless to say, whatever Rufus does, it is unforgettable.

It seemed appropriate to feature Rufus for this Music Monday post, being on the heels of Mother’s Day. He and his mom Kate, were very close and often performed together.  Kate passed away in January of this year due to a form of cancer that she had been fighting for years. So I thought I would share one of their really sweet duets with you as a way of paying tribute. I love the way she looks at him throughout this performance.

All Days are Nights: Songs for Lulu, is Rufus’ latest album (it came out a few weeks ago). Here is nice little interview from that release, where he discusses his relationship with the piano. I also want to share one of his first music videos from his album, Poses (to give you some idea of his range). His sister Martha, used to tour with him and is in this video as well. 

I seriously don’t think that I could really do Rufus & his music justice in just one Music Monday post, but hopefully, it gives you an idea of what an incredibly creative musician his is. I was lucky enough to see Rufus in concert (when I was pregnant with Sayer actually) and I highly recommend seeing him live. He is just amazing and puts on quite a show! Happy Music Monday! 
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