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{Fabric Friday} Marimekko & the Skagit Valley

The tulip fields are in full bloom where I live. Driving out through the fields all you see are large blocks of vibrant color- like a patchwork quilt. I find that during this time of year, the colors and shapes of this valley, influence my fabric and palette choices.

{My son, Sayer, running through a tulip field in the Skagit Valley last week.}

Which brings me to my love of Marimekko fabrics. Marimekko is a Finnish corporation that began in the 1951. Their textile designs came from artists printing their graphic designs on fabrics. The name, Marimekko, is considered to represent, “the desire for a modern lifestyle that is in harmony with the natural environment”. Well, that pretty much sums up my aesthetic in a nut shell. I actually have been known to drool a little when looking at Marimekko fabrics. My klt:stash is running a bit low these days so I put together a klt:wishlist to share with you. 

{Marimekko wish list fabrics found here}
{ klt:works dwindling Marimekko stash}

I can’t help but wonder if the the vast tulip fields of the area where Marimekko originated, had some influence in the palette and designs of their textiles. And maybe it is because I grew up in an area agriculturally similar, that I gravitate towards the Marimekko designs and aesthetic? It is nice to feel that connection anyway.
{Tulip fields in the Netherlands-picture via the Post Family}
Marimekko textiles are classics and I will continue to enjoy them and create with them for as long as I am inspired by my own surroundings.  Happy Fabric Friday!
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