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{Music Monday} Dipping into kiddo’s playlist…

I discovered the band, They Might be Giants , in college (in the late 80’s early 90’s- not to date myself or anything). They were an art department staple, clearly because of their cleaver lyrics and visual language. Their early cds still come to the surface of my music library from time to time and always provoke laughing, loud singing, and funky movements.

When I became pregnant with Sayer, one of the first things I bought (even before the car seat & crib) was a They Might Be Giants cd for children called No. I remember listening to it, rubbing my large belly, and wondering if Sayer would think it was as wonderful and funny as I did. I was so pleased to learn that TMBG was making smart music for kids. I suppose that is part of being the age that I am- the musicians that I like had kids and have been redefining their interests as artists. The 2009 release of, Here Comes Science, was immediately purchased and shared with my family as well. And not surprising, this album came with some pretty awesome music videos that are just as inspiring as the music. My absolute favorite is, Electric Car. I find that I keep coming back to it, both for my enjoyment and Sayer’s. So, for Music Monday, I thought I would dip into Sayer’s playlist. Enjoy!

Now it wouldn’t be a true sketchbook if I didn’t show the part that I am even more interested in, the making of the video. Here is the video showing  Ru Kuwahata, Max Porter and the whole Tiny Inventions team assembling the visuals for the video to They Might Be Giants’ Electric Car. Happy Music Monday!

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